Josh-smith-dad-choicesHi there. My name’s Josh. First, I’d like to point out that I am not Josh Smith the basketball player. I am also not Josh Smith the lead singer of Ashes Remain.

I’m just a guy who lives in Gilbert, Arizona who is trying to love Jesus, his wife, and his daughter well. I’m sharing my story here because it’s one of transformation that I’m hoping you might be encouraged by.

Dad Choices is a name that came to me when I heard NFL running back Alfred Morris discussing being a father and husband in an interview. He basically said that when he got home from work, he had a choice to make: his family, or himself.

It reminded me of a quote I heard frequently in church as a junior high and high school student. It is a quote from Ken Collier that says, “There are just two choices on the shelf: Pleasing God or pleasing self.”

Every time we men choose ourselves over our families, we’re not just putting ourselves ahead of our wives and kids, but we’re elevating ourselves over God.

The arrows in the Dad Choices logo point in opposite directions because each choice we make is always pointed toward ourselves, or toward God and our families. Notice the arrows are pointed in opposite directions – we can’t choose ourselves and also choose our families.

I’m going to talk about this a lot, because pretty much every struggle we face as a husband and as a father revolves around this very concept.

I’ll also share my backstory – what it was like for me growing up, and how I got where I am, geographically speaking.

I’ll discuss the way God began transforming me, how my family came to be, and the current struggles we are working through as a team.

Last but not least, I’ll also share the things that have been particularly helpful to me as a first-time dad, especially in seasons like working full time at home while taking care of a newborn.

My prayer is that there are other guys out there who were in my situation, or are in my current one, that will find this helpful in their quest of figuring out fatherhood in a way that pursues Jesus.

A little about me: I was born in the great state of Texas, y’all! When I was a kid, my family moved to Ohio and that’s where I’d say I grew up, and as an adult I moved to Arizona where I currently live with my wife and daughter.

I enjoy hanging out with my family, serving in my church, writing, photography, reading, technology, music, graphic design, exploring Arizona, hiking, cycling, coffee, and donuts.